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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to Set Up an Ozark Trail Tent

Ozark Trail dome tents, made by NorthPole Limited, assemble in much the same way as standard domes except the tents sport additional shock-cord poles on each side to prop open front footlockers. Follow the set-up steps below to maximize tent surface area.
Difficulty: Moderate
Things You'll Need:

* Ozark Trail dome tent
* Tent stake mallet (only for hard ground)

Selecting the Site and Pitching the Tent
Step 1

Choose a site with level ground large enough to fit the dimensions of the tent and still leave five feet of clear space between the shelter and other tents, trees or other large obstructions.
Step 2

Clear all rocks, sticks and other debris from the site.
Step 3

Unfold tent until fully unfurled with roof and screens facing up.
Step 4

Unfold all four shock-cord poles so that connections slide together along the shock cord.
Step 5

Slide the poles in pairs through the tent sleeves diagonally so the tent poles make an X at the top of the tent. The ends of each pole should point at one of the four corners of the tent.
Step 6

Hold the ends of two parallel poles and slide the metal pegs attached to the corners into the ends of the poles. Each corner should be affixed with a metal peg.
Step 7

Gently bend the poles into an arch and--holding the arch in place--walk to the opposite diagonal corner of the same two poles and place the corner pegs into the second set of pole ends. Repeat this process for the two other parallel poles that cross the top of the tent from the other direction. The tent and poles should now be standing.
Step 8

Attach hooks or frame clips to the tent poles. These are located along the seams that run parallel to the corresponding poles.
Step 9

Unfold and drape the rain fly over the tent with the Ozark Trail insignia centered over the front door.
Step 10

Slide the smaller remaining shock-cord ridge pole, which serves as the roof support, through the center-line sleeve on the underside of the fly and insert each end into the grommets in front and back of the fly.
Step 11

Attach all s-hooks at the bottom edge of the fly to the peg rings near the tent base.
Step 12

Use a tent stake to affix one tent corner to the ground. Then go to the opposite diagonal corner, pull the tent taut and stake in that corner. Do the same for the two other corners. When done properly, the floor of the tent should be taut and free of wrinkles.

By Marc Chase

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